Discover all the possible combinations for trans-tibial amputations.

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Trans-Tibial Attachment Cup for Lamination and Thermoforming Wooden Socket Attachment Block Polyurethane Socket Attachment Block P.A.D. 250 Alignment Device for Trans-Tibial Prostheses P.S.D. 2 Translation Device for Trans-Tibial Prostheses Attachment Cup for Lamination and Thermoforming Prong Connectors for Trans-Tibial Prostheses Male Connector for Trans-Tibial Child Prostheses T.A.C Alignment Device Male Connector Titanium Male Pyramid Adapter for Socket with European 4-Hole Pattern Double Male Pyramid Connector Adapter and Pyramid Tube Holder Tube Adapter Pyramid Adapters for Tubes Tube for Child Prostheses Adapter Ring Light Alloy Tube Light Alloy Tube Light Alloy Tube Sagittal or Frontal Translation Adapter Adapter and Pyramid Tube Holder Tube with Lamination Cup for Trans-Tibial Prostheses Pyramid Adapter for Tubes 30 mm Ø Pylon with female Pyramid Connector Tubular Pyramid Adapter Pyramid Bases Ankle Joint for Single Axis Foot 1B02 Fixed Base Pyramid Bases Multiaxis Ankle Dyna J S.A.C.H. Foot for Children Single Axis Foot SACH Feet DYNASTEP Energy Storing Foot GERY DYNA C DynaStar Rotating Pyramid M 36 x 1,5 mm Aluminium Pyramid Receiver Temporary Fitting system Three-prong lamination connector Rotating Pyramid Receiver M 36 x 1,5 mm Double Pyramid Receiver Telescopic Double Pyramid Connector Connectors for DynaSport running blades DynaSport running blades

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