• Thermoformable cone used to manufacture a custom made soft liner
  • Short manufacturing time : 5 min
  • Easy manufacture : can be reheated and re-shaped 4 or 5 times if needed
  • Durable hygiene and comfort : closed cells, seamless
  • Cost efficient

→ 8 models
Flexible and comfortable interface between the stump and the socket

Extra distal thickness.

• Trans-tibial in 5 sizes :
- 110 mm : long and thin stumps
- 130 mm : small stumps
(children or forearm interface)
- 160 and 180 mm : common stumps

- 195 mm : big stumps

• Trans-femoral in 2 sizes : 210 and 230 mm

Rigid interface between the gel liner and the socket
• Trans-tibial in one size : 170 mm

• For many years KEASY has been renowned as the unique prefabricated cone allowing to manufacture rapidly the best thermoformed liners and to get a high standard finished product.
• With its regular thickness, the vacuum thermoforming perfectly takes on the shape of the positive model. We recommend 170 °C heating temperature for 3 minutes.
No welding, no gluing and seamless : it minimizes allergenic risks and avoids any feeling of discomfort.
• Cutting out and sanding are very easy, and finishing time is shortened for an optimal result. Changes in stump volume can be compensated for by gluing extra thicknesses on the outside of the KEASY.
• As perspiration and cleaning products do not penetrate into the material thanks to its closed cells structure, cleaning is easy and thorough.
• Liners manufactured with KEASY have a long product life. They withstand friction, crushing and stretching, providing the patient with durable comfort over the time.

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