• Excellent adherence of the liner on the skin (limits risks of slipping, irritation...)
  • For active and very active patients
  • Long durability and resistance : one year warranty



Available with and without distal attachment
Silicone thickness : 3 mm

2 models with distal attachment :
• matrix of 5 cm for short stumps
• matrix of 10 cm

1 model without distal attachment :
• distal thickness : 10 mm
• allowed for post-operative use

• The main characteristic of STEPLINE liners is the superior durabilityof the silicone.
• Their relative elasticity, well tolerated adherence and their thinness provide patients with excellent control of the prosthesis and the comfort they need during intense activities.
• Silicone gel liners will meet the expectations of active and very active patients whatever their needs.
• We recommend them for stumps with flacid tissues which need to be held tight.
• For many years these liners have been renowned for their resistance to ageing, stretching and abrasion.
One year warranty.
• Manufactured without textile cover, these liners can be cleaned more easily and sterilized at high temperature.
• Complementary to the liner, 1X301 or 1X300 STEPLINE sock allows to set up the prosthesis more easily and to compensate stump volume changes.

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