• Great comfort thanks to the silicone gel
  • For moderately active to active patients
  • Long durability : one year warranty
  • Skin friendly silcone gel


→ 3 models available, with and without distal attachment
A wide range of sizes will provide a good fit to most of stumps.


 - The model with distal attachment is available with a matrix of 10 or 5 cm.

- STEP'well : 3 mm thickness

- STEP'well Plus : 3 mm thick at the Back / 6 mm thick in the Front
An inner position indicator in the front allows to roll the liner easily on the stump.

- STEP'well AK : 3 mm thickness Conical shape


• The STEP'well range of liners are made of silicone gel covered with a protective textile fabric.
• Thanks to the liner composition and structure, the patient enjoys great comfort and keeps a good control of his prosthesis.
• Silicone gel liners will meet the expectations of patients with very different activity levels and will protect their stump whatever their needs.
Biocompatible silicone gel tested according to ISO 10993-1 is not allergenic. It also withstands chemical effects and ageing.
One year limited warranty.
• The specially designed textile cover provides easier handling and donning of the prosthesis without limiting its elastic features, ensuring a perfect fit of the stump prominences. Their seamless design avoids all uncomfortable spot.
• Either with or without distal attachment, they are fitted with a flexible cup depending on the liner's size.

STEP'well and STEP'well Plus with distal attachment are available in 2 matrix lengths :
- 10 cm : standard
- 5 cm : for short stumps to prevent the matrix edge from being at the same level as the bend of the knee.

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