Example of fabrication
  • This spinal orthosis aims to hold the reduction of scoliosis curvatures that have been obtained by using EDF plaster corset.
  • Its modular aspect allows the adjustment of the pads according to the scoliosis development and the patient's growth.
  • The Lyon spinal orthosis must be composed of :

- one pelvic belt composed of two lateral valves.

- posterior and lateral support hands that keep the trunk in an acceptable orthopedic position.

- one subaxillar counter-pad plus one kickstand on the opposite side.

- two metallic uprights and fixing bars and plates allowing adjustment of the valves position and level of tightening.

  • Made of rigid copolymer, it is built from a cast by the orthotist.



Patients suffering from severe dorsal or dorso-lumbar scolioses that are characterized by :

- angulation higher than 30°,

- bad reducibility with strong spinal rotation,

- fast worsening, specially during puberty.


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