Active spinal orthosis which aims to correct scoliosis curvature by extending the spine.

The Milwaukee spinal orthosis must be composed of:
- One pelvic belt with posterior opening. It is used as a support to the above components of the orthosis and prevent a potential pelvis anteversion.
- Lateral support hand(s).
- Two posterior uprights plus one anterior upright that connect the pelvic belt to the adjustable neck ring and form the anchor points for the support hands.
- One depth-adjustable neck ring that stimulates axial stretching.

Made of rigid polyethylene, it is built from a cast by the orthotist.

Patients suffering from dorsal, dorso-lumbar or cervico-dorsal infantile scolioses :
- With an angulation between 20 and 40°
- Relatively flexible
- Whom evolutivity is well controled

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