The SIDO kit provides specific spare parts to assemble in adjunction to a classic thermoformed appliance, in order to turn it into a seat brace with a mobile back.

The SIDO is available in 3 sizes. It is composed of a carbon fiber blade with a sliding fastener, a pyramidal lower fastening, a safety strap to limit movements and a base-fixing system.

  • Allows the controlled mobility of the trunk in relation to the pelvis and ensures the orthopedic seating.
  • Improves the freedom of movement required for postural scheme development.
  • Possibility to adjust the range of extension movements and the resistance level.



- patients with cerebral palsy, older than 4 years

- brain-damaged or multi-handicapped patients

- patients suffering from muscular or neurological pathologies that jeopardize the proper sitting position



- patients weighing more than 60 kg and taller than 1,60 m

- hypotonic patients

- hyper-spastic patients

- patients suffering from serious orthopedic disorders


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