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Socket Router and Tools

5L350 - Socket Router with 2 Speeds and Gradual Brake


* This socket router is designed for stock removal, shaping, sanding and polishing materials such as plastics, foams and wood.* The long shaft motor has two rotation speeds to optimize the efficiency of the tools. They can be changed according to the machined materials and according to the tools used.* The On/Off control of the machine is managed by a speed variator and a safety pedal with a braked... 

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5L319 - Clamping Chuck for Fan Wheel


(1): Clamping chuck with key and adapter M18/M16 (2): Grit 150(3): Grit 240 

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5L200 - Conical Sanding Devices


(4): for wood(5): for resin(6): for rubber 

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5L175-200 - Cotton Disc and Adapter


(7): cotton disc alone(8): adapter 

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5L109 / 5L110 - Options for Socket Router


5L109= Light with articulated arms5L110= Variable speed control 

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