• For Patients with low or moderate activity level
  • Copolymer gel provides skin protection and very good adherence





Available with and without distal attachment


2 models are available :

• 6 mm in the front and 3 mm in the back : 1S356 & 1S366
• 9 mm in the front and 3 mm in the back to fit ultra sensitive stumps : 1S359 & 1S369

1S500 Sealing Sleeve in Copolymer + gel for Contact Sockets


• The features of the copolymer gel used for these liners provide an extremely comfortable distribution of pressure for patients with a sensitive stump.
• We recommend them for healing stumps, stumps with multiple trauma and for diabetic patients with arterial problems and very sensitive skin.
• These liners are very flexible and fit any stump shape. For the most particular shapes, they can be thermo-shaped.
• Their original design, thicker in the front, protects bony areas while the thiner back helps knee flexion by limiting strains applied to the patella and folds behind the knee.
• Copolymer gel liners will meet the expectations of patients with moderate or low activity level.
Six months warranty.
• The textile cover does not limit elastic features and the lateral flat seams do not lead to uncomfort in the distal part of the stump.


 Stump Circumference :

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