• For patients with low or moderate activity level
  • Copolymer gel with new inner coating for easier cleaning and less stains
  • Longer gel durability and velvety surface for optimal comfor





Available with and without distal attachment.

Trans-tibial patients.


2 models are available :

• 6 mm in the front and 3 mm in the back : 1S356H & 1S366H.
• 9 mm in the front and 3 mm in the back to fit ultra sensitive trans-tibial stumps: 1S359H & 1S369H.

- Liner length : 410 mm.


STEPLINE HD is the newest liner in copolymer gel with an innovative inner coating that improves Hygiene and Durability of comfort provided by the gel.

An ultrathin velvety biocompatible coating has been applied on the gel area. It helps limiting impurities appearing on the liner when the patient is wearing it.
Moreover, it can be cleaned more easily.
Unpleasant smells are reduced and the patient's everyday comfort is improved.

• The new skin color external fabric is more wear-resistant.

• The features of the copolymer gel remain those that have made our STEPLINE PLUS range so successful : A very comfortable distribution of pressure for patients having a sensitive stump (healing stumps, stumps with multiple trauma, diabetic patients with arterial disease, ...).

• 6 month warranty

• Design : Thicker in the front to protect bony areas
Thiner in the back to help knee flexion.


Stump Circumference :

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