• Natural components
  • Hygiene : Cleansing wipes
  • Comfort : Coolnest frost
  • Care : Moisturising soft cream

Stumps are affected in many ways : skin damages due to the socket, prickling skin, blotches, roughnesses, ... The weakened
skin of the stump needs special care.
Daily wearing of a liner causes heat and moisture around the stump, and skin problems may occur.
Any skin problem must be treated quickly to prevent worsening.
As prosthetic fitting depends on the condition of the stump, we have looked for solutions to preserve its skin and improve patients' comfort. Especially designed to soothe troubles and provide patients with comfort and well-being in their everyday life, our Step‘n Sense range is a complementary offer with three aims : hygiene, comfort and care.

All these products can be used together, either for a treatment period or as a one-off use.

• Based on natural components, these products have been exclusively formulated for amputees and their daily needs.
Original products designed and tested for use with prosthetic devices (socket, liner, stump sock ...).
• They quickly penetrate into the skin and are not oily.
Immediate comfort improvements.
Simple and practical use.
• These easy to transport products can stand temperature changes (-10°C to +40°C).

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