Revofit allows the amputee patients to adjust precisely the socket's tightening, by rotating a simple dial.
This is an adaptation to the field of orthopedics of the BOA technology, the closing system that has revolutionised the lacing of ski boots, sport shoes or safety shoes.

• Targets specific compression or expansion areas
• Supports limb size variations
• Lock on bony areas
• Relieves the most sensitive areas
• Fitting accuracy

Now with Revofit, the patient is able to handle his comfort by himself. How does this work ? A wire is inserted in a sheath which is laminated inside the socket. The concealed wiring is linked to a setting wheel that controls tightness.

With a simple turn, the patient is able to tighten the socket for a better control over the prosthesis and then enhance his performance while practicing sports, for example, or throughout the day.

It is also very easy to loosen the socket in order to release the pressure off the residual limb and then get a better comfort while resting or sitting. The handling is effortless and can be done with a single hand, even through clothing.


This wired tightening system, combined with some panels cut out in the socket, allows to target the residual limb's compression or expansion areas. It offers the possibility to support size variations and to relieve the most sensitive areas. These openings also make it much easier for the patient to don his socket.


Revofit is suitable for all type of socket : transfemoral, transtibial, Syme or multi zone.



Two set-ups are available, depending on the prosthetist's and his patient's choice :

ref. 1S600 : Kit Revofit 180°
The ends of the tightening wire come out from both sides of the adjustment dial.

ref. 1S610 : Kit Revofit Parallèle
The ends of the tightening wire come out in parallel, from the same side of the adjustment dial.


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