• Symphony 1P321
  • Symphony 1P321 profil
  • Symphony 1P321-KD
  • activité

  • Stance Flex
  • 6 axis
  • Smooth hydraulic system
  • Natural transition from stance phase to swing phase
  • Optional Lock

• The range of 1P321 knees has been developed to provide real stability during stance phase.
• Its original design with 6 polycentric axes provides the patient with great safety and a very flexible swing phase thanks to its new hydraulic system.
• The original mechanical sensing p-MRS system automatically recognizes the phases of the walking cycle and adjusts stability accordingly.
Stance Flex function : The knee ensures pre-flexion from heel strike to flat foot. This feature allows for shock absorption at heel strike and reduces the displacements of the centre of gravity.

The optional lock improves safety under very hard conditions of use.

Product Nr TH BH H Flexion Proximal connection Distal connection Weight Material
1P321 197 mm 156 mm 14 mm 160° Pyramid Pyramid 940 g Aluminium + Titanium
1P321-KD 191 mm 156 mm 14,5 mm 160° M36 screw Pyramid 980 g Aluminium + Titanium

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