• PROTEOR cheville multi

  • The multiaxis ankle enables any S.A.C.H. foot receiving a M10 screw to perform motions of plantar and dorsiflexion, as well as inversion-eversion.
  • This ankle helps foot flat achievement and is very convenient for uneven grounds thanks to its multiaxis movements.
  • Therefore it is particularly recommended for trans-femoral amputees and remains very efficient for trans-tibial amputees.
  • A wide range of front and rear bearings allows to match the ankle to the patient's activity and weight.

>> Delivered fitted with EE010-1 and EE008 bearings

Product Nr Maximum weight of the patient Upper Connection Lower Connection Build Height Weight Total Height Material
1D111 100 Kg Male Pyramid M10 Screw 53 mm 250 g 65 mm Alu

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