• PROTEOR 1M102194
  • Esthétique 2 parties

  • A better esthetic result.
  • Longer product life.
  • Does not modify the knee adjustments.
  • Lets clothing slip on the cosmetic cover without snagging it

Product Nr Knee Cap Nr Knee
1G25-R 1P50194-R 1P50-R
1G22 1M11294 1M112
1G32 1M11294 1M113
1G21 1M02194 1M03 / 1M05
1G21 1M01194 1M01 / 1M10 / 1M01-P6
1G21 1M10294 1M102 / 1M102V / 1M102-P6 / 1M102V-P6

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