• Articulation à verrou complète
  • arceau et butée
  • 2X16
  • 2X02
  • 2X101

  • Stainless steel lock knee joints.
  • Those joints are fitted with trigger locks that can be used with a hoop and then become "Hoffa locks" for one-hand handling. In that case, fastening an assist strap is necessary.
  • Hoop fastening in the triggers is made by screwing and gluing.
  • The system ensures easy hoop assembly and disassembly, without welding.
  • The stop screw allows to adjust the lock play.
  • To be used with carbon, steel, or aluminium uprights, to fix with XC062 adhesive.
Upper and lower casings can be positionned independently in order to match the knee shape (+/- 5°).

Two hoop sizes available :
Ø 4 mm hoop + stop : 2X114
Ø 5 mm hoop + stop + adaptators : 2X117

Associated products :
Condyle pad (2X16)
Attachment for pads and support, large and small (2X01, 2X02)
Attechment of patela pad to 2K joints (2X101)

Product Nr Kit including Upright section Axis diameter Weight
2K140 2K14031 (medial joint) + 2K14030 (lateral joint) 16 x 4 mm 29 mm 243 g
2K141 2K14033 (medial joint) + 2K14032 (lateral joint) 18 x 5 mm 29 mm 266 g
2K142 2K14035 (medial joint) + 2K14034 (lateral joint) 22 x 6 mm 32 mm 316 g
2K146 2K14036 (medial joint) + 2K14036 (medial joint) 20 x 5 mm 29 mm 297 g

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