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Knee joint designed to restore a secure 4-phases physiological gait and lower energy output.


Basko SPL joint / Swing Phase Lock (lateral):
A pendulum system locks the knee joint before heel strike and then unlocks it at swing phase to allow knee flexion.

The orthosis locks in full extension of the knee. The release time is adjustable using a screw, depending on the patient.

Basko SPC joint / Swing Phase Control (medial):

Thanks to an adjustable spring system, the medial joint prevents excessive and uncontrolled knee flexion during swing phase.

Satellite controller

The satellite controller allows the patient to choose the orthosis functioning mode easily, at any time :

- automatic locking / unlocking

- manual permanent locking

- manual unlocking



  • Patients with knee lock defect due to :
    → post polio after-effects
    → surgical or traumatic after-effects
    → myopathy
    → neurological damages
    → multiple sclerosis or similar disease
  • Patient with quadriceps muscle strength measured between 3 and 0.


  • Knee flexum greater than or equal to 10°
  • Signs of spasticity
  • Hip flexum or motion limitations
  • Unloading orthosis with under-ischial weight-bearing
  • Limited cognitive capacities


In order to guarantee a strong holding, those joints must be assembled with 19 x 6 mm uprights.

Product Nr Description Kit including Leg
2H100-D BASKO joints kit for right side 1 SPL joint + 1 SPC joint + 1 satellite controller + 1 technical manual Right
2H100-G BASKO joints kit for left side 1 SPL joint + 1 SPC joint + 1 satellite controller + 1 technical manual Left

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