• Fastening system made of separate hook straps and loop straps available in 25 m rolls.
  • Easy to install as the straps are backed with strong bonding capacity adhesive.
  • The adhesive is specially designed to bond to many surfaces like polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC, polyamide, wood, glass, cardboard and metal.
  • Long-lasting and suitable for intensive use.

Product Nr Ref. HOOK Length Width Color
TTA501-25A TTC501-25A 25 m 25 mm Black
TTA501-38A TTC501-38A 25 m 38 mm Black
TTA501-50A TTC501-50A 25 m 50 mm Black
TTA502-25A TTC502-25A 25 m 25 mm White
TTA502-38A TTC502-38A 25 m 38 mm White
TTA502-50A TTC502-50A 25 m 50 mm White

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