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5G50 - Medium Size Oven

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* This oven is equipped with a digital display electronic regulator (5G50) or with a bulb thermostat (5G52), a glass door and an internal lighting provided by a high-temperature bulb.

* Its stainless steel inside provides two height adjustments for the­­­ plate :
- a upper position to heat material sheets .
- a lower position to heat materials used with a moulding frame for sockets (ref. 5G27, 5G28, 5G29).

* This oven is not designed to run with more than one plate at the same time.

* The plate is made of aluminium, mounted on rollers and covered with an interchangeable teflon sheet (ref. FNX070).

* 5G50 and 5G52 ovens comply with the EC standards in force (main disconnect switch, tension indicator light).

* They come with a 3 m electric cable and a set of spare fuses, without stand.

Product Nr Electrical characteristicsOutside dimensions of the ovenInside dimensions of the oven
5G50 4,5 KW 230/400 V3 50/601300 x 950 x 520 mm960 x 780 x 380 mm
5G52 4,5 KW 230/400 V3 50/601300 x 950 x 520 mm960 x 780 x 380 mm
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