• Rotateur fémoral 1K52
  • Rotateur fémoral 1K52-1

The 1K52 rotator is a rotation adapter that enables the knee and the BK part of the prosthesis to rotate relative to the socket.
It ensures natural functions that facilitate:

  • Lacing up shoes
  • Putting socks on
  • Entering a car
  • Staying in tight spaces (in a bus or a car, at the cinema, to avoid hurting the feet of other people under a table, etc...
  • Taking off trousers without removing the prosthesis (which is otherwise hard as the shoes must be taken off prior to the trousers)
  • Sitting for a long time : rotation provides hip flexion adjustment, which reduces strains at the upper end of the socket and therefore increases comfort
  • Sitting in a physiological position with the ankle on the contralateral knee
  • Working in some jobs

The trans-femoral rotator is a passive component, i.e. the amputee has to operate it with his hand.

Pressing on the release button provides free rotation of the upper part of the prosthesis relative to the lower one.
360° free rotation.
Automatic re-locking in initial position (the system is re-aligned).

Pyramid connection both at the lower part (housing of the pyramid) and at the upper part (female pyramid).

Compact, thickness 18 mm.

Product Nr TH BH Proximal connection Distal connection Rotation Reference Activity Maximum weight of the patient Weight Material
1K52 35,5 mm 21 mm Pyramid Pyramid receiver 360° 1K52 1-2-3-4 125 kg 180 g Stainless stell + alu

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