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  • Safety provided by 4-axis geometry
  • Double chamber pneumatic system with return spring
  • Large range of flexion
  • Compact and lightweight


MATIK is a pneumatic 4-axis knee. We have developed it to offer a first level efficient knee, convenient for most
of the users thanks to its simple and optimized design.
• Very flexible swing phase : the pneumatic unit increases the performances and the ease of control of theswing phase.
• Knee safety during stance phase provided by the displacement of the instantaneous center of rotation above the joint and backward the load line, and release during swing phase.
• Smooth resistance to extension providing a natural gait.
• Maximum weight reduction and dimensions allowing to suit all patients, especially those with small and medium sizes. The range of knee flexion up to 170° is very practical when sitting down or kneeling in the everyday life.




Product Nr TH BH H Flexion Proximal connection Distal connection Activity Weight Material
1P200 204 mm 175 mm 11,5 mm 170° Pyramid Pyramid 2 - 3 743 g Aluminium+ Stainless Steel
1P200-KD 195 mm 172 mm 8 mm 170° M36 thread Pyramid 2 - 3 743 g Aluminium+ Stainless Steel

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