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Easy Ride : Multisport knee for sliding sports and cycling

Easy Ride knee is a collaborative effort between 2 handisport athletes and Proteor. Eric Dargent the French handisurf champion and Patrice Barattero, member of the French Paralympics Snowboard Cross team, have joined forces with Proteor and a professional high school, to help design a knee specifically adapted for sliding and cycling sports.
Intended uses : For transfemoral amputees who want to practice or re-practice sports that were hardly possible for them until now: paddling, surfing, wind surfing, water skiing, nordic skiing, ice skiing, alpine skiing, snowboarding, roller, skateboarding, downhill MTB, cross-country MTB, road biking....


Durability and safety
Thanks to the technical capacities and setting possibilities of the shock absorber, Easy Ride smoothly reproduces the natural motion of the knee and ensures a regular and smooth energy return as close as possible to the sensations expected in sports.
Easy Ride makes possible the practice of sliding sports and cycling in good conditions thanks to a light and robust knee.
Made of aluminium aeronautic alloy with hard treatment, the Easy Ride knee withstands extreme conditions such as seawater or low-temperatures and is convenient for patients up to 125kg (250lbs).


Depending on the type of sport that is being practiced, the patient is able to customize the knee for optimal function.
Sliding sports require knee flexion. In the sliding sport alignment position, the Easy Ride adjusts to 12° pre-flexion / 60° max.
For cycling, the knee has to allow both a good load transfer to the pedal and enough flexion for pedalling. In biking position Easy Ride will be adjusted with 0° pre-flexion / 130° flexion max.



Easy Ride Knee Compatible Sports
 Summer sports
Winter sports
Water Sports
Road biking
Cross-country MTB
Alpine skiing
 Downhill MTBNordic skiing
 Wind surfing
 Roller Ice skating
 Water skiing



Product Nr TH Proximal connection Distal connection Activity Maximum weight of the patient Weight Material
1P650 260 mm pyramid pyramid 4 125 Kg 1200 g Hard anodizing aluminium

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