• Valve de dépressurisation tibiale 1S6162
  • Valve de dépressurisation fémorale 1S163
  • Outil pour valves de dépressurisation 1S164

Depressurizing valves for tibial and femoral sockets to complete our Prothesis range.

  • 2 different types : tibial (manual) and femoral (automatic or manual)
  • A specific tool was designed to install the femoral valve more easily (the tool comes in black and not orange as shown on the picture above)
  • Allow the residual limb to be held firmly in the socket
  • Easy to use for patients

Product Nr Description
1S162 Valve for BK Socket
1S163 Valve for AK Socket
1S164 Tool for 1S163 depressurizing valve

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