• Pied Gery
  • GERY brown foot
  • GERY 3D
  • GERY charentaises
  • Picto GEry

  • Comfort
  • Easy step rollover
  • Very light weight
  • For patient up to 150 Kg / 330 lbs
  • Now available in ebony color


• Our GERY foot has been especially developed for geriatric or arteritic patients (level K1 - K2).

• Its cosmetic cover in EVA makes it an extremely lightweight foot (30%lighter than a SACH foot with its pyramid base) and its EVA structure with closed cells is easy to clean.

• The patient is able to reach dorsiflexion easily without having to raise the heel, which increases the leg segment angle and makes step completion easier.

• A new feeling of comfort is provided by EVA flexibility, as well as reduced strains and pressures in the socket.

• A complete solution : the GERY foot comes with a built-in pyramid connector and a malleolar clip to help the set up of the cosmetic shell.

Example of product Nr for a GERY foot, left side, size 26 : 1A200-G26H

Example of product Nr for a GERY foot ebony color, left side, size 26 : 1A200-G26B

Foot weight, connector included, size 25 : 395 g


Product Nr Side size (cm) Maximum weight of the patient Material Color
1A200H -G / -D 22 to 29 330 lbs EVA Caucasian
1A200BH -G / -D 22B to 29B 330 lbs EVA ebony

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