• Dynatrek avec cales
  • Bundle chaussette esthetique clip malleolaire
  • Dynatrek rocher
  • Esthetique plage
  • aqualeg compatible

Dynatrek is an energy storing foot for an all-terrain daily use. The split carbon fiber blade allows inversion/eversion and optimal energy storage.

Designed for active users, the Dynatrek foot allows them to walk smoothly and safely on all-terrain (gravels, concrete, rocks, sand, cobbles, grass...), and on slopes and stairs.

-Dynamic patients
-Trans-femoral or Trans-tibial fitting
-Convenient on all terrain
-Progressive and smooth rollover
-Heel wedges for stiffness adjustment
-Maximum patient's weight: 150Kg / 330 lbs
-Waterproof, salt water-proof, clorinated water-proof

-Polyurethane foot shel supplied


Delivered with cosmetic kit including a malleolar clip and a protection sock.


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