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Aimed for patients with low to moderate activity, Dynacity allows them to manage daily ambulations safely and with minimum effort.

The three parallel split blades allows for great compliance on inclined terrain by reproducing the natural inversion / eversion movement.

Focus on the three-blade split design :

Made with 3 composite fiber blades (carbon / epoxy) for increased flexibility:

  • The lower blade covers the entire length of the foot for good stability and a smooth continuous step.
  • The intermediate blade allows quick flat foot.
  • The upper blade brings the energy return needed for push off.

Comfort at heel strike is provided by the elastomer heel wedge.

Dynacity can support up to 125 kg (275 lbs), and is weather resistant.

Dynacity is delivered with caucasian cosmetic kit including footshell, a malleolar clip and a technical fiber sock.

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