• Symphony 1P320
  • Symphony 1P320 3-4
  • 1P320-KD
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1P320 : pyramid connection.
1P320-KD : for knee disarticulations and long stumps.
• Hydraulic regulation of swing phase with adjustment of flexion and extension.
• Stance Flex adjustable up to 10°.
• Screw adjustment of shock absorber hardness.

Heel strike :
The p-MRS system locks the knee immediately with the joint geometry to ensure patient‘s safety and starts partial flexion (Stance Flex) up to 10°.
End of stance phase :
When the p-MRS system detects a ground reaction force in the toes, the knee naturally unlocks and allows for a smooth transition to swing phase.
Swing phase :
The compact and powerful hydraulic unit adjusts to speed changes smoothly.


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