Valérie, AK amputee, travelled 220 km on a paddle board !

This is the story of a woman with "a missing piece", as she says, but also with an extraordinary energy to share. Valerie Hirschfield is an AK amputee. In late August 2015, she decided to take up an unusual challenge: travelling 220 km in 5 days, paddling on a stand-up paddle. Not bad for someone who is fitted with a leg prosthesis for less than one year !

Amputee since 2005, Valérie discovered stand-up paddle with Eric Dargent in 2014. Then she decided to be fitted by BTC Orthopaedics. In the process, the inhabitant of the Var has set an ambitious goal: participating to the SUP11-City Tour, a 220 km / 5 days race that takes place on the rivers of the province of Friesland, in the Netherlands. PROTEOR then lent her a BtK Sport knee in order to support her in this adventure.

                                                           Valérie trained 4 hours per day on average before facing the SUP11-City Tour.

On August, 31, in Leeuwarden, Valerie was the only amputee participant called to the start of the competition. With an average of 40 km per day, five days of his trip have not been easy, especially as she did not ask the race organization for arrangements or specific aid. In the rain, hail and against a wind of 80 km / h, she spared no effort to carry on. Every night, she even took the time to share her day on her blog.

Guided by an unwavering tenacity, Valerie finally finished "her" SUP11-City Tour. After thousands of paddle strokes, she has communicated values of courage, strength and will. If Valerie remains modest, PROTEOR is very proud of having given her a boost to overcome this challenge. Congratulations !

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