Eric Dargent French adaptive surfing champion !

Just a few weeks after ranking 5th at the World adaptive surfing championship, Eric Dargent was crowned French adaptive surfing champion in thye « standing » category, October 23 in Biarritz. It was the first edition of this competition, jointly organized by the French Surfing Federation and the Adaptive Surfing National Association.

Given the high quality of the other competitors, winning was not easy for Eric. Even so, he managed to adapt his surfing to the hard waves of the Basque Coast while taking a lot of pleasure.



« It has been 5 years since I am an amputee and for all that time, I am trying to prove that limbless persons can surf, too. This is a great joy, a tremendous personal pleasure, but the battle for accessibility goes on », the champion explained just after his victory.

Eric Dargent will not stop there. He wants to progress again and stretch his own limits by setting in motion as much as disabled people he can. « Things are going forward ! Together, we will show that we can go even further ».

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