PROTEOR meets adaptive surfers from Guadeloupe

The moves are uncertain, the balance is shaky but the pleasure of sliding on the waves can be seen on the faces of the patients who came to get acquainted with surfing on the Helleux's beach, near Sainte-Anne, Guadeloupe. They participate in the very first day of introduction and awareness to surfing for amputee persons. With the friendly cooperation of PROTEOR Handicap Technologie the Ortho-Caraïbes O&P company, they took the opportunity to try sport prosthesis and enjoy the sea.

The objective was to help these patients to recover their self-confidence. Coming back from California, where he ranked 5th at the World adaptive surfing championship, Eric Dargent was there to help them. As a victim of a shark attack in Réunion island in 2011, the champion showed them that one can practice sports even after losing a member. What's more, sport can be essential in the quest for a better life balance.

A news broadcasting team was present and gave the patients a chance to speak about their experience (in French):

Obviously, the participants had fun and really appreciated this initiative that shows that disability can be overcome. « I am feeling younger ! I have had so good sensations in the water... », emotionally says Socrate, an apprentice adaptive surfer in his fifties. « Today, this activity can become a hobby », goes further Teddy, right AK amputee due to a motorcycle accident. He hopes that this introduction day to surfing will « encourage other people to get rid of all the obstacles that restrict and prevent us from living like anyone else. »

Below, a few pictures related to the event:

First steps on a surfboard, under Eric Dargent's watchful eye

Little by little, getting back on feet...

... then going forward !

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