Valerie Hirschfield’s remarkable challenge

Proteor’s patients are often extraordinary people. Valérie Hirschfield’s story is a new example of surpassing oneself. Amputated above the right knee for many years, she was fitted with a prosthesis only in 2014. As an accomplished athlete, she is always looking for new challenges in order to go beyond her own limits.

In 2015, only a few months after she got familiar with her new prosthesis, she decided to take part in the SUP 11 City Tour in Netherlands, a race in which the athletes must paddle 220 kilometers. During five days, the various stages follow one another to cross about 40 kilometers a day, with only a short lunch break. Unfortunately, this attempt was not successful.

In September 2016, she came back stronger than ever and tried again this amazing challenge of racing among the people without disabilities. She ended her race knowing that she gave everything and gained the 11 City Cross, a medal of honor meaning she crossed the finish line.

In 2015, Valérie was the first and only handicapped person to take part in the 11 City Sup Tour. This year, she met Jonas, a Brazilian bilateral upper limb amputee who also tried this challenge. She was proud to meet him and was pleased to see another disabled athlete complete the race. She hopes there will be more and more of them in the future.

Proud of her achievement and her meetings, she is willing to renew this experience next year with a new knee joint, the Easy Ride knee. And of course, we will follow her in this new adventure.

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