Eric Dargent puts his title at stake

France Adaptive Surfing Championship just began in Biarritz. Eric Dargent is already there to defend his title.

The 2nd edition of the France Adaptive Surfing Championship takes place in Biarritz all the week, at the same time as the 53rd edition of France Surfing Championship. Jointly organized by the French surfing federation and the national association for adaptive surfing, this competition will put the spotlight on people with all types of disabilities.

For this championship, Eric Dargent will be fitted with the Easy Ride multisport knee joint, that he created with Proteor. Reproducing the natural motion of the knee and withstanding extreme conditions such as seawater or low-temperatures, the Easy Ride knee ensures him balance and precision when he is surfing, without losing any thrill.

Proteor will follow with great attention Eric Dargent’s performances. Since his accident in 2011, he never stopped making us dream. His will to get back on a surfboard in record time made all of us admiring. If Eric now surfs for pleasure, he also wants to show that being amputated does not mean that it is impossible to surf. Proteor fully supports Eric Dargent in this championship as well as in his battle for accessibility.

Eric Dargent is determined to defend his title but this competition also represents a big training before the World Adaptive Surfing Championship which will take place in La Jolla (CA) from December 8th to 11th. Already selected for this year after ending at the fifth place last year, Eric will soon reach the Californian beaches, hopefully as the French champion. This is what Proteor wishes him !

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