Eric Dargent is the new vice-world champion !

Considered as one of the favorite for the World Adaptive Surfing Championship, Eric Dargent has met all the expectations. Thanks to his amazing performances, he became the vice-world champion.    

Eric Dargent has entered in the history of the international surf, but he has mostly written one of the most beautiful chapters of his own story by winning the silver medal in the second edition of the Stance ISA World Adaptive Surfing Championship. PROTEOR, which fits Eric with the EasyRide multisport knee joint, is pleased to have brought its contribution to this victory and above all congratulates the surfer for such an incredible performance.

In the great final of the S2 stand/kneel categories (devoted to the knee amputees), Eric found the energy to overtake the Brazilian surfer Henrique Saraiva in the last minutes of the competition. At the end, he was only defeated by the defending champion, the Australian Mark Stewart who was surfing on his knee and seemed unreachable during the whole week-end, as he won all the series he was part of.

Eric Dargent ended his trip in the United States with this silver medal, after a competition he perfectly mastered. On Saturday, he distinguished himself during Round 2 by making the best score of the series (15.77 points). You can appreciate a replay of one of his remarkable moves at 0"25 of the following video:

Thanks to his medal the France Team, whose captain is Eric Dargent, ended up at the seventh place in the nations' rankings and became the first European team.

Eric can now enjoy his silver medal. But don't talk to him about holidays: he is already ready to attack the Mentawai waves in Southeast Asia, still with his EasyRide knee joint. A movie about this adventure, including three other amputee athletes, will be shot. It will, once again, show the courage and the abilities of the disabled sportsmen abilities to push back their own limits and succeed in the challenges they pursue.

This human odyssey has a name: "Alive sharing the surf adventure". Being very attached to the message it delivers, PROTEOR will be the main sponsor of this incredible project and that's the reason why we'll tell you more about it later on. 

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