A delegation from PROTEOR in South America

A delegation from PROTEOR just went to South America (Colombia & Ecuador) for a series of interventions towards patients who benefited from PROTEOR's orthopedic know-how.

 Jean-Christophe Bonnardel, CPO from PROTEOR's French fitting network, and François Pérard from the sales department, have just spent a week in South America which was very rewarding on both technical and human level.

They first stayed in Quito, capital city of Ecuador, where they fitted two patients, a 21-year-old woman and a young man. They were both traumatic amputees. Thanks to Jean-Christophe Bonnardel's work, they were fitted with prosthesis for the first time in their life. They were eager to make their first steps, with the help of bars at the beginning and then with walking sticks. Soon, they will be able to walk with no assistance. These two patients were very moved and sincerely thanked PROTEOR's team for its knowhow and its involvement.

In Quito, Jean-Christophe Bonnardel and François Pérard also met an already known patient - the young Jordan. Already fitted with an Allux knee, he got an entirely new model that met his expectations once the perfect settings were found.

The trip continued in Bogota, capital city of Colombia, where they had an apartment with a patient who was waiting for an Allux knee too. After a few hours of work, she successfully tried her prosthesis and was very enthusiastic about it. She had troubles with PROTEOR's competitors in the past and congratulates Jean-Christophe Bonnardel for the quality of his work.

Received by the Cirec foundation, which helps handicapped persons, our delegation also had the opportunity to present the Allux knee to a group of Colombian doctors. They also met again with CPOs they trained last year and gave them the opportunity to learn new things by watching Jean-Christophe Bonnardel working.

At the end of the trip, all the missions were completed by our delegation which got back to France after a week full of work and emotions.

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