Stephan Buechler portrayed by MTB Rider

Our patient Stephan Buechler was recently portrayed by MTB Rider (MountainBike Rider), Germany's most important magazine dedicated to mountain bike.

German journalist Martin Donat met our patient Stephan Buechler. He defined him as an "athlete, surfer and mountain bike rider". Amputeed at 16 years old after a bone cancer, he explains how such a traumatism turned his life upside down: "I never had the intention to become a professional athlete. But when I was 18 years old, I did not want to ask help to anyone. I got progressively interested in the material and then I followed a formation as a prosthetist technician. Today, I advise other amputees, I give lessons in rehabilitation centers, I give lectures, etc... In short, I act as a role model to show people what they are able to do. I really like this. It is crasy when I think to all the things I saw and experienced "thanks" to my handicap. And I have the feeling that it is just getting started".

He also explained why he chose to practice mountain bike: "I come from the former East Germany. In 1989, my father and I participated to the creation of the first mountain bike rider club in Mecklenburg. Already at the time of East Germany, we did mountain bike races. Then, there was basketball but I always kept practicing mountain bike and it became a passion after my amputation. I find it hilarious that they cut me a leg and I keep riding my bike. Anyone else would have thought to volley-ball with a wheel-chair. But that was good for my spirit, my development and I wanted to show others what we still can do".

Sport helped him gain new motivations: "Of course, amputation is a dramatic event but it is not all over. The doctor cut my leg to save my life. For me it was a beginning, not an end. And it developed my ambition. I wanted to find which fitting was the most convenient for me and what could be improved with the prosthesis and the bike. I always had individual and significant projects, with which I could measure my limits, such as the Extremity Games in USA that I won twice. This proved me that what I was able to do was not an exception. I always wanted to participate to the Megavalanche Race at Alpe d'Huez. In 2013 it happened. I did the descent, I fell twice but I was not hurt".

Stephan Buechler keeps excellent memories from his last participation to the Megavalanche Race in 2016, and this is the reason why he will participate to the 2017 edition, which will be hold from July 3rd to 9th. An event we will follow with great attention.

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