To meet CPOs' every need as much as possible, we offer a complete range of more than 4,500 items, created using orthopaedic technologies.

 Materials  Equipment

- Prosthetic components for the lower limb

Feet, knees, ankles, connectos and alignment devices, temporary sockets, liners, distal attachments and Revofit system etc...


- Orthotic components for the lower limb

Ankle joints, spurs, knee joints, thigh and calf bands, knee braces, hip braces, F.C.P carbon fiber orthosis, CDO orthosis, etc...

- Components for spinal orthoses and orthopedic seat-braces

Spinal orthoses for scoliosis ; seat-braces (SIDO) minervas.


- Materials
For casting, thermoforming, lamination, lining and finishing, as well as foams, PU blocks for Computer Assisted Manufacturing, straps, pads, protective devices and all of the necessary hardware.


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