PROTEOR is going forward for more than 100 years !

PROTEOR has celebrated 100 years in 2013 ! More than a century of living may appear to be a long time, but this birthday is only a new milestone on the road to a promising future.

PROTEOR is a 100 years old companyPROTEOR has celebrated 100 years in 2013 ! More than a century of living may appear to be a long time, but this birthday is only a new milestone on the road to a promising future.

Patients of the 21st century nourish great expectations from the improvements of medicine and technology. Rich of a century of experience in the field of prosthesis and orthopaedics in general, PROTEOR can help them to recover autonomy and well-being.

For a company like PROTEOR, 100 years is also a great occasion to tell you more about its history, the values that drive it every day and the perspectives it is heading toward in the future. Feel free to celebrate this 100th birthday with us!


PROTEOR originates in Burgundy, France. In the small city of Seurre, in 1913, three craftsmen join together and set up a workshop to provide forged and wooden components to prosthetists and orthotists. The banks of the nearby Saône River provide all the needed willow wood. During World War I, the Clarke firm takes over the shop and rationalizes the production to meet the needs of the conflict's amputees.

After several changes of direction, in 1949 the company changes its name to PROTEOR, in reference to PROsthetics and ORthopaedics. At the instigation of Michel PIERRON's grandfather, the current Chairman and CEO of the PROTEOR group, PROTEOR becomes the family business it still remains nowadays.

Today, PROTEOR employs more than 500 professionals worldwide and is the main orthopaedics company in France for fitting patients. The company has established itself as a major manufacturer and supplier of O&P components all around the world.

For fitting more than 20,000 patients per year, PROTEOR relies on a network of more than 40 branches in the main French cities. It also has fitting subsidiaries in Luxembourg, Czech Republic and Marocco, plus its own supply structures in China, Czech Republic and Northern America.


PROTEOR is a prosthesis and orthoses manufacturerPROTEOR gives high importance in being attentive to the O&P professionals' needs. The company encourages its clients and partners to give feedback about its products, as this is the best way to adapt to the standards of the industry and fulfill patients' needs.

Innovation is a result of this ongoing dialogue with the patients we fit, specialty physicians, prosthetists and orthotists. PROTEOR's Research & Development teams collaborates closely with university hospital centers and engineering schools as well in order to stay at the cutting edge of technical evolutions.


Over the years, PROTEOR has invented many products such as the Gery foot for geriatric patients, the energy-storing Dyna feet range, the OdrA orthosis for the symptomatic treatment of knee osteoarthritis, a night-wear spinal orthosis, a 3D spinal orthosis (result of a 3D analysis of scoliosis), the SIDO seat brace (provides posture stimulation for children), a FCP walking orthosis and the famous Keasy thermoformable cone.


Foot prosthesis made by PROTEOREven after more than a hundred years of activity, the best pages of PROTEOR's history remain to be written!

Stay a driving force of the orthopaedic industry, innovate continuously for going along with the people who cannot move freely: every day, PROTEOR imagines tomorrow's solutions and try to anticipate the customers' needs.

To achieve this goal, PROTEOR's teams strive to create high-performance, safe and attractive products and services at a reasonable price to restore patients' independence and well-being. For a long time...

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