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1P110 - Polycentric Hydraulic Knee 25/11/2014

  • Hydraulic unit allowing for a large range of swing phase adjustments.
  • 4-axis geometry : safety and dynamism on flat grounds.
  • Easy to use and reliable.

• The innovative features of the HYDEAL knee are due to the successful combination of its 4-axis geometry, its integrated hydraulic unit and its appreciated design.
• This combination provides the knee with stability in stance phase and real dynamism during walk.
• The large capacity of the hydraulic system can manage temperature changes due to dissipation of induced heat, which is particularly appropriate for long operating times, for example in sports such as cycling. It allows for accurate fine adjustments.
• The ease of use and adjustment without tools through 2 knobs allows the user to make the desired adjustments at the right time.

Product Nr THBHHFlexionProximal connectionDistal connectionActivityMaximum weight of the patientWeightMaterial
1P110 300mm/ 243mm without extension spring cylinder200 mm11 mm145°1K160/1K163 / 1K30/1K03 / 1K20/1K40Tube Ø 30 mm3 - 4100 kg905 gAluminium + Stainless steel
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