• 5G23_diapo

  • Complete thermoforming device with filtration and regulation of vacuum supply.

  • Two working positions :
- horizontal tube for thermoforming by lay-up (ex : for spinal orthoses)
- vertical adaptator for thermoforming by stamping (ex : for sockets)

  • The Prothermo kit can work independently when associated with a membrane vacuum pump (optional, ref. 5G26).

Product Nr Description
5G23 Complete Prothermo kit (L x W x H : 500 x 430 x 1220 mm), including 5G30 + 5G30100 + 5G31 + 5G25
5G30 Basic module for the thermoforming device
5G30100 Decanting kit
5G31 Support column
5G25 Control pedal

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